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We support Fridays for future

With a helicopter

Transporting cargo is a logistical challenge in some cases. For example, if the destination is in difficult, inaccessible terrain. Then the helicopter is the perfect means of transportation. It brings machines, components or even complete systems to their destination quickly and immediately.
In contrast to a heavy-duty crane, the helicopter can also be transported in stronger winds. This saves money, time and nerves.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Safe and efficient transport in inaccessible areas
  • Can also be used at higher wind speeds
  • Load capacity up to 4 tons
  • Ideal for the installation of and on wind turbines (WKA)

Pilot project successfully completed

The replacement of azimuth gears in wind turbines usually requires the construction of a crane and can be a real challenge in rough terrain, as with our customer near Münchberg. Thanks to air support, we were able to make the replacement in a much shorter time and also cost-effectively.